Why Erova Energy

Erova grew out of a pure trading business and our focus is solely on trading and risk/revenue optimisation. We outsource or automate all other areas of our business so that we can focus on the key task at hand and retaining our low cost base.

Following our partnership with Mitsui & Co. in 2018, we have gone from strength to strength and now have a strong financial investor to support our work and growth. This coupled with our teams long running market knowledge and expertise in energy (be it conventional, renewables, new technology or a mixture of all three) means we can help enhance the commercialisation of your commodities.

Our Products

Trading Services
Power Purchase
Balancing Mechanism
Battery Storage

Our Customers

ABO Wind
Onshore Wind

Erova provides full Imbalance Management to ABO Wind through our innovative CfD contract structure.

As a long term client of Erova Energy I have found their approach to be innovative and focused on problem solving for their client. Erova behave in a courteous and efficient manner and seek to provide solutions and advice to us in all aspects related to the trading and optimisation of our wind assets.

Emmet Egan of ABO Wind

Customer A
Peak Demand

One of Erova’s first key counterparts was an independent GB electricity and natural gas supplier with varying customer demand.

Customer A said “Erova Energy quickly became one main routes for short-term electricity balancing market for the wholesale GB power market, both through their competitive pricing of non-standard trade profiles (which matched our end-customer demand) but also through their highly efficient trade settlement procedures.”

Erova was a key counterparty during the ‘beast form the east’ in early 2018 and during the cold spell of Winter 2017. Customer A continued to say “It is evident that Erova’s expertise in short term markets enables them to be nimble in pricing customer trade types and offering flexible credit and payment terms”

Customer B

Erova currently manage the forecasting and balancing of a portfolio of 21 Solar farms spread across the UK. Following a competitive tender process a bespoke contract was created based upon a fixed discount to market with the option for the generator lock into a forward price at any given time.

Erova also purchase and trade the Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and provide all REMIT reporting services for each asset within the portfolio.

Customer C
Onshore Wind

With the recent changes in the Irish electricity market, Erova have been working with a number of independent generators on reducing their risk exposure after becoming balance responsible within I-SEM.

Our team worked closely with the generator (a large investment fund with wide experience in the European renewables market) to develop a product that would remove the balancing risk at the lowest cost possible whilst maintaining the current contract relationships to fulfil all REFIT obligations.

Erova provide Customer C with our latest Imbalance Hedge product, please contact our Origination team to find out more details.

About Us

Erova Energy is an energy trading company based in Dublin that commenced trading in the UK and Irish power markets in July 2015 and now has offices in Dublin, London and Amsterdam.

Erova has unique expertise in short term traded markets with traded volumes in excess of 150 GWh/month across both proprietary and client based positions. Erova services include interconnector trading, imbalance management, trading of renewable certificates,  bespoke trading analytics, renewables forecasting and energy trading risk management solutions. We provide 24 hour shift trading with continuous market coverage 365 days a year.

Board of Directors

Mr Michael Brennan (Erova Energy)

Mr Fergal O’Donnell (Erova Energy)

Mr Kaoru Umehara (Mitsui and Co.)

Mr Kensuke Watanabe (Mitsui and Co.)

Mr Edward Morrell (Seren A.G.).


(Effective from 11th April 2019)

Investor Relationships


Seren AG was incorporated in 2015 and is a private equity company with a focus on early-stage development of new technologies. Seren provides or facilitates financing and seeks to add value through investment analysis, corporate structuring and business development. Seren has a diversified range of investments, including IP, media, trading, manufacturing and property. Seren has offices in Zug, Switzerland and Gorzow, Poland, and has operations in Belfast, London, Teesside and Krakow.


Mitsui & Co. was established in 1947 in Japan and currently has approximately 6,000 employees. Headquartered in Tokyo, it manages assets worth in excess of US$100 billion and is engaged in business areas including metals, machinery & infrastructure, chemicals, energy, trading and innovation. Mitsui are active in 65 countries with 469 affiliated companies comprising of 42,316 employees.

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