All our contracts can combine a range of products, like building blocks, allowing you to select a range of products to match your needs.

Product Information

Imbalance Management:

We can provide a fixed (% or €/£ per MWh) balancing cost service, managing the forecast and trading needs of your asset and providing certainty across the life of your contract of your balancing costs.

Fixed Price:

Providing access to the forward market and across the liquid tenor we can offer a fixed power price. This allows our generators to decide to lock into a price for a period of time and removing exposure price volatility. Coupled with our Imbalance Management service this can reduce the overall risk to the generator in the near term.


In a volatile market we are always looking to maximise the value of your asset, with our optimised product we look to lock into the best prices within the forward market and actively trading the position to maximise the capture value per MWh.

Fully Tradable:

For larger portfolios we’re aware you may wish to actively manage the overall position directly, taking direct exposure to the imbalance market and benefiting from pricing decisions. We provide the option for the generator to actively decide what volumes to trade and across what product (baseload/peak, SAH, MAH, DAH, WD).