Participation for All

For the first time ever, assets of all generation type or size can participate within the BM through Erova’s Balancing Mechanism Units. In addition Erova can now provide a virtual BMU for asset owners who wish to participate but can not gain access through their current supplier or offtaker. Utilising Erova’s position as a Virtual Lead Party and adding your assets you our Virtual Power Plant ( we are able to directly control third-party assets. We provide an optimisation service that allows counterparts who do not have their own trading desk to have access to our virtual 24/7 Ops desk.

Value Streams Available
  • Forward Trading – up to 24 months / 4 seasons
  • Day Ahead Auction Trading – 1 day ahead of delivery.
  • Intraday Trading – trading in the Continuous Market any time after the day ahead auction, up until the start of the relevant Settlement Period.
  • Balancing Mechanism – Submission of assets into the BM to support National Grid.
  • System Price – at times when the BM price isn’t quite there our traders can still dispatch at short notice against the system price (this is useful for helping support our Renewable portfolio whilst driving value for you).