I-SEM in Review: Week 12


Market Summary
  • As we approach the end of the winter season we see wind production fall this week to 1.28GW (on average throughout the week), half the output generated the previous week.
  • Day Ahead power ended up with an average of €49.43/MWh (increasing by 22% from week 11). The spread returned to levels seen in previous weeks with a high of €85.00/Mwh and a low of -€1.00/MWh.
  • NIV positive (short) for 169 times and negative (long) for 167 times.
  • System prices (SIP) was up considerably delivering an average price of  €60.93/MWh (double that of last week).
  • LNG prices in East Asia are now below NBP placing continued pressure on NBP, falling a further 5% at 36.89p (Max 37.80p and Min 36.30p).


Pricing Overview (DA vs SIP vs Gas)


Overview of Market Prices
GWh 4.31 5.58 3.03
GWh 1.28 2.88 0.08
MWh -3.79 69.97 77.36 169 167
EUR/MWh 49.43 85.00 -1.00 330 6
GBP/thp 36.89 37.80 36.30
EUR/MWh 60.93 277.40 -113.28 322 14
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